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MapleStone Lamanchas - +*B Blue-Lake Classic Carlo

Beaker at 2yrs
Beaker at 2yrs

+*B Blue-Lake Classic Carlo

DOB: 4/28/2007 - 2/5/2013
LA: 2-03 Ex 90 VEE
Sire: ++*B South-Fork SK Class Act (Ex 93)
Dam: SGCH Blue-Lake RRES Cariena (Ex 92)
Beloved "Beaker," as we called him, was a tremendous buck. His easy going temperament made this gentle giant a much loved herdsire whom we miss greatly. Beaker was a potent sire for us, stamping improved general appearance, milkability, and dairy character on to every one of his long legged, long yet capacious bodied, long necked kids. Of course all had his incredible temperament as well. While we don't know what Alpha S1 Casein genes Beaker possessed we suspect he was A/? given most of his offspring were A/A.
We kept most all of the Beaker daughters and many would still be here if we had not undergone a series of great misfortunes involving a CAE biosecurity breach . We hope to bring Beaker back into the herd through the use of AI in the years to come.

MapleStone BC Bold Request
MapleStone BC Bohemian Rhapsody
MapleStone BC Brass Quartet
SG MapleStone BC Violet Venture
MapleStone BC C'est La Vie
MapleStone BC Colorful Surprise

Average Final Score: 85.3 out of 6 daughters, 8 appraisals in 2 herds
Production %: 43
PTI21: 19
PTI12: 37
ETA21: -78
ETA12: -32

                Show Record
1x RCH (AOP)

+*B Blue-Lake Classic Carlo at 2yrs
  • +*B Blue-Lake Classic Carlo at 2yrs
  • Class Act Age 8
  • SGCH Blue-Lake RRES Cariena 4yrs, Dam to Classic Carlo
  • Catarra Beakers maternal sister
  • Bonjour 2 months
  • baby quiz
  • violet dry yearling
  • MapleStone BC C'est La Vie 3y
  • MapleStone BC Colorful Surprise 2 years
  • Beakers yearling first fresheners
  • violet topsfield 15
  • Quest 5 years dry October
  • MapleStone BC C'est La Vie 3y rear
  • copy83_20150627_120149
  • Rhap rear 3yrs
  • copy82_20150704_090019
  • Cest rear udder
  • IMAG0952
  • violet rear 20df
  • Check 2 yr ff
  • copy44_20150704_090105
  • Quartet rear 3yrs ff
  • Lena Rear OVF 2013
  • MapleStone BC Colorful Surprise age 2 side
  • MapleStone BC Bold Request age 3
  • MapleStone BC Bold Request Age 3 Side