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MapleStone Lamanchas - *B MapleStone Chrome Maker

Chrome 1 y
Chrome 1 y

*B MapleStone Chrome Maker

DOB: 3/2/2013
LA: VEcV, V overall
Alpha S-1 Casein: A/A
Sire: +*B Here Be Goats KUA MakinMaiMove
Dam: SGCH Blue-Lake RRES Cariena
- 3-04 Ex 92 EEEE 1*M
           - 6th Place 4 year old 2006 Nationals

The last Cariena son was a keeper. He not only had our favorite rare coloring, but he was also structurally correct despite our poor photo capabilities. Chrome exhibited what we call the "Alpine" style of LaMancha. We really liked his wide, long, level rump and how he coupled into his loin resulting in desirable rear leg angulation. He carried appropriate width from chest floor to escutcheon and is very wedged in shape carrying his depth from brisket to barrel with lovely angled open ribbing.  He was a cross of two slow maturing lines we think are worth the wait. Chrome's maternal half sister was 2006 Jr. National Champion. We hope to see some quality daughters from him. Given his degree of relatedness to the herd Chrome has seen limited use. We hope to use Chrome via AI in some more out crosses in the future to get a better idea of what he will do.  Semen available at the farm 5/$125.