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MapleStone Lamanchas- MapleStone BC Bohemianrhapsody


MapleStone BC Bohemian Rhapsody

DOB: 5/6/2011
LA: 3-03 GP 84 +VV+
Alpha S1 Casein: A/?
Sire: +*B Blue-Lake Classic Carlo (Ex 90)
Dam: MapleStone Z Jammin' Raisin

Rhap is a personal favorite and littermate sister to Quest. In 2011, she was 5th place Jr. Kid at the ADGA Nationals. As a yearling milker (pictured in first above), she had a good show year but was kept dry as a 2 year old to allow her some time off after an extended lactation. As a 3 year old second freshener, Rhap had matured considerably gaining more body and depth to match her frame. Her rear udder is the widest in the barn with impressive rear udder height and good teat placement. She has a smooth fore we would like to see it a touch longer to bring her udder slightly further ahead to prevent her very capacious rear udder from bulging. Her lack of smoothness of blending in her rear udder was heavily penalized on appraisal day. Rhap possesses a unique style that is either loved or hated by other breeders, it is not typical of a LaMancha however we like her uniqueness and her ability to milk well!

DHIR Record: 2-09  283  2562  105  4.1%  80  3.1%
                       3-11   228  2270  132  5.8%  80  3.5%

Daughters In the Herd: Rhapids, Rhapport

Quest 2 months Quest 2 Months
  • Quest 2 months Quest 2 Months
  • Beakers yearling first fresheners
  • Rhap rear 3yrs
  • Rhap rear on stand