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MapleStone LaManchas - MapleStone BC Bold Request

Quest side 2013 OVF
Quest side 2013 OVF

MapleStone BC Bold Request

DOB: 5/6/2011

1* Milker
LA: 2-02 VG 87 VV+V
      3-03 VG 88 +EEE
      5-02 VG 87 VEVV (dry)
Alpha S1 Casein: A/E
Sire: Blue-Lake Classic Carlo (Ex 90)
Dam: MapleStone Z Jammin Raisin

Quest is a a beloved pet, now semi-retired. She has been a consistent producer of kids and in the parlor. This line is slow to mature but well worth the wait in our eyes. Quest is long, tall and elegant. She was once one of our most hard working milk producers for our dairy before she was struck down with mastitis after a worker failed to show up for work while we were out of town. We would like to see longer lateral attachments and stronger rear pasterns on Quest but we appreciate her other many correct attributes. 

DHIR Record: 2-10 258 2335  91 3.9% 90 3.9%
                       3-11 185 1758 113 6.4% 65 3.7%

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