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MapleStone Lamanchas - MapleStone Tuff Accomplishment


MapleStone Tuff Accomplishment

DOB: 4/20/2010

LA: 6-03 VG 87 +EVV
      4-04 VG 87 VVVE
Alpha S1 Casein: A/E
Sire: MapleStone Z Orange Xtra Tuff
Dam: Heart-Mt.-Carter-Kids Jasmine

Liz is a special doe to us and our favorite of the 2010 kid crop. She is the "little doe that could". She is our smallest doe and she is also among our hardest working. Her udder is well attached and productive giving her an almost ageless appearance. Liz is incredibly "typie" with lots of breed character and structurally correct elements throughout. Liz always maintains her body condition over the course of her long level lactations, even when challenged with life threatening food poisoning!

DHIR Record: 3-10 283 2211 100 4.5% 47 3.3%
                      5-00 212 2234 129 5.8% 63 2.8%

Show Wins: 1x CH, 1x RCH

Progeny in the Herd: H'Lvetica

  • copy55_IMAG0949
  • Tuff Accomplishment 3 yrs side udder Liz 3y/2 freshenings side
  • Liz Rear 2013 OVF
  • Liz top OVF 2013
  • Liz side 2013 OVF
  • MapleStone Tuff Accomplishment 6 years old