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MapleStone Lamanchas- SG MapleStone BC Violet Venture


SG MapleStone BC Violet Venture

LA: 2-03  VEVV VG 87 (First Freshener)
4* Milker, 2015 #2 in the country for butterfat

Alpha S-1 Casein: A/E
Sire: +*B Blue-Lake Classic Carlo (Ex90)
Dam: MapleStone A Safari Surprise (Ex 90)

Violet was the star of the 2012 kid crop, easily earning her dry leg at the shows. We were really excited about this young doe as an improvement over her dam in stature and productivity. Violet was one of our largest does in the herd with an easy going attitude and to top it off she earned her Superior Genetics designation and her milk star in her first lactation. Being such a heavy milker, Violet learned the art of relieving herself and has the memory of an elephant. Despite best efforts, she has thwarted every attempt to break her of this bad habit and ruined her milk records. Luckily she had yet to be able to remove teat tape so she reluctantly would be full for show.  Violet was lost to biosecurity breach complications leading to the most horrid septic mastitis we have seen.

DHIR Record: 1-10  283  2554  177  6.9%  81  3.2%
                        3-00  204  866    55   6.4%  26  3.0%

Show Record: 1x Jr. CH, 1x Jr. RCH, 1x Sr. GCH, 1x Best of Breed

Daughters in the Herd: Viridian, Vivid Blue

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